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Two psychotherapists demystify mental health issues with guest experts. Listen in!

 Relationship Therapists Monica Burton and Annette Reiter bring over 30 years of counseling experience to this discussion of diverse medical and mental health concerns. These conversations will help educate and inform the audience of mental health issues affecting life in our American culture and the human experience in general.

The lively conversations will address the complexity of a variety of topics, from ADD to Zoloft, and answer questions that only expert therapists understand. Burton and Reiter will make the complex simple and become your general practitioners for mental health issues. They will coach you through the balancing act of your mental and medical well-being within your family as well as many other relationships

Nov 23, 2022

Eating disorders are the 2nd most prolific addictive medical issue in the USA, behind addiction to Opioids.

Yes, really! 

Monica and Annette's guest this week is Dr. Samantha Winton, a psychologist and an expert in eating disorders. She says eating orders are "diseases", rather like Alzheimers. - It's nobody's fault. 

But there are simple strategies parents can use, to help their children who are "picky eaters", by introducing them to the diversity, feel, and excitement of foods, even if they insist on plain and simple every day. 

Do you have a child who is a picky eater? Share the challenges you've experienced with your kids: what you've tried, what's failed and what's succeeded - and make recommendations for other parents, on the discussion with Monica and Annette on Facebook at